Elementary Level

Elementary level consists of Level A1 & Level A2. It is advisable to learn both the levels together without giving any long break/gap between the two levels in order to enjoy the real benefit of learning basics of a foreign language.

Level A1 focuses on building a strong base for the language that includes basic grammar, sentence formation, self introduction, and basic vocabulary for everyday’s usage – food, clothing, housing, directions etc.

Level A2 focuses on further grammar, forming complex sentences, travel & fashion, communication with friends & colleagues, practice to understand German accent etc.

Intermediate level

consists of Level B1 & Level B2.

Level B1 focuses on usage of the language in business/professional environment viz writing letters, essays, blogs, preparing for speech, presentations etc.

After completing this level, one can apply for respective foreign language related jobs, where most companies require basic usage without direct client interactions.

Level B2 focuses on high level of vocabulary, using different ways of expressing/writing, indluge in group discussions, debates on more complex topics ranging from politics, economics & social scenarios.
After completing this level, one can apply for respective foreign language related jobs with direct client interactions.

Advance level

Advance level involves more of literature aspect and usage of language at the next level of proficiency.

Generally after completing both levels C1 & C2, one attains the native level of language proficiency and can choose to become a language trainer, interpreter, translator, work in corporates with high level of language requirements.